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About Us

Message From Chairman

Character Building & Value Education - Our Basic Aim

GCS believes that Nations and Civilizations are built on character. People of fine character live by their values. They are honest and committed to the truthfulness in thoughts, words and deeds.

Character is not something we are born with. It is a learnt behavior. A complete training of head and heart is needed to build a sound character. Schools and homes are the best workshops for Character building.

Character building takes place minute by minute and is revealed at the time of crisis. Character is not a gift, it is an accomplishment. It is built bit by bit through hard work

The quality of a Nation or an organization depends on the moral character of its citizens. Nation building will remain a "Dream" unless we build the character of the countrymen

Character helps us to identify our own and others strength and weakness. Again it teaches us what to look for and what to look over, when to fight and when to walk away, when to take advice and when to take one's own decisions

“Science without humanity, Commerce without morality and Education without character is useless and dangerous" says Shri. Satya Sai Baba.

Dr. D.W. Allen, a renowned educationalist, has conducted experiments and proved that before making the students "Smart", make them "Good". It is the responsibility of both the parents and teachers.

Character building is impossible unless an ideal educational atmosphere is created to the child. The main purpose of our school is not just to impart "Knowledge" on different formal subjects, but to impart “Good moral values" in all spheres.

If there is nobility in heart, there will be beauty in character

If there is beauty in character, there will be harmony at home

If there is harmony at home, there will be order in the nation

If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.

-Thus says a Chinese Proverb