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About Us

About Us


Seven Isles Cambridge International School is a progressive, urban school catering to the educational, spiritual, emotional, physical and social needs of our students and staff. This school, comprising of students, staff, parents and the community will work together to provide a stimulating learning environment to help children to become conscious of their growth and achieve the two fold purpose of education, namely, transformation of self and the society. The students and staff will become agents of change in the society by becoming global citizens imbued with the spirit of service. They will focus on their individual strengths and of others, eliminate prejudices and face challenges in an ever changing society with their well-honed abilities of discerning and becoming ethical decision makers. Members of the SICIS family will be live examples of upright character and accountability. They will be proactive in developing their environment from the grass root level through self − discipline and ensuring that each and every one takes responsibility for their actions and subsequent consequences.

The students and staff of SICIS will develop the right kind of knowledge, skills and attitudes required for an all-round personality by following the international curriculum and the extra-curricular activities. At the root of learning lies open-mindedness, the ability to accept, communicate, adapt to and discern a situation by making moral choices. The students are like a mine full of gems and their talents are tapped by the qualified and professional staff to inculcate in them the values of respect, self- esteem and accountability. The students will learn to acknowledge the contribution of different individuals in achieving a dynamic and a peaceful society.

SICIS will be proficient in engaging the parents, community and government to develop the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of the students in order to inculcate in them an attitude of risk taking and inquiry to face a rigorous intellectually challenging assessment. They will be self-disciplined and motivated to transform themselves and their society. They will be active, compassionate thinkers and lifelong learners taking up the task of creating a caring and peaceful world community.

  •  Grade KG to VII- no lugging the bag home, no home work during week days.
  •  Well-designed class rooms.
  •  Wi-Fi internet and laptop for study.
  •  Emphasize on self and group study.
  •  Special field trips.