Warm up your day

Good prayer make good day

Special caring of students

We care your child more than you can

Nature club

Gardencourt Cambridge School is a progressive, urban school

Excellent class rooms

We are providing excellent class room and well educated teachers.


The teaching done at school by our teachers is adequate for your child


Perfect experience

Gardencourt Cambridge School is a progressive, urban school catering to the educational, spiritual, emotional, physical and social needs of our students and staff. This school, comprising of students, staff, parents and the community will work together to provide a stimulating learning environment to help children to become conscious of their growth and achieve.

Our Advantages

Sports Team

Back to school means tryouts for your school team. It's time to have some fun at school. Playing on any sports team is not only a lot of fun.

Musical team

There comes a time in every music career when a team becomes necessary. Here's how and when to build your support system.

Dance team

As an audience prepares to be entertained by a dance team's performance, little do they know they'll actually be learning a valuable lesson.

Guide team

the process of organizing people or groups so that they work together properly and well. : the process of causing things to be the same or to go together well.